January 2, 2016

Wishes for a Fabulous New Year to All

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2015 Christmas 1914 Vintage Card

2015 is in the taillights and 2016 lays ahead.

I love these old cards from years gone by. The senders voices echo the wishes that were sent to their friends and family 100 years ago.

1914 Post CardI hope that all my family and friends have a happy, healthy and wonderful 2016 and many more New Years to come!!


May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

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Mothers Day 2013 2Wanted to celebrate the mother I lost when I was six on this Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom, Barbara Jean Cates Andrews, with her mother Rhoda and her Grandmother Georgia in the 1930s.



December 3, 2009

Shelley’s Design Works on Etsy

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I have been thinking about a shop on Etsy for over a year and I can’t believe it but my shop, Shelley’s Design Works, is now OPEN!  

If you’re interested in owning one of my designs I encourage you to visit.

Over the next month and on into the next year and maybe beyond I will be posting quilts, table runners, samples from my books and patterns and small items like needlecases, ornaments and my zip bags. So, please take a peak.

All of the pictures you see here are items that are available. Above and on the right are two mini quilts that would make wonderful wall or table pieces.

The pink piece above and the lavender flower below are needle cases. On the right is one of my ornaments.

I am really excited to get this up and going so head on over and check it out. Feedback is welcome! Enjoy!!      http://www.etsy.com/shop/sswanland


September 10, 2009

The Bluff Fire

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Bluff Fire 001 9 09This morning as I sipped my coffee and typed away on my latest project I started to hear the sound of sirens. As the sound got closer and the sirens more numerous I paused and waited. I live on a main street that cuts through town and leads to the hills behind the neighborhood where I live. Quite a few fire trucks rushed by including City of Banning and CDF vehicles. Bluff Fire 005 9 09As the minutes passed trucks from nearby cities also rushed by. I couldn’t see any smoke, so I gave in, grabbed my camera and heading off on foot to see what was up. Bluff Fire 002 9 09







Up the road, past the cemetary and on out past the homes we had a brush fire in the Mias Canyon. The ground crews were out of my view but the Fire Fighting planes and helicopters were doing an awesome job and I snapped a few pictures. I think they have this one under control but I am sending out my biggest hopes and wishes that our fire fighters stay safe and I hope everyone makes it though the fire season safe and sound!

Bluff Fire 006 9 09

May 11, 2009

Nice Start to the Week

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Mother's Day FlowersI had a quiet Mother’s day, heard from all my kids and got flowers which I will probably enjoy for quite a few more days.

I did get out and walk this morning. It feels a little like the mountains here in the foothills of Banning. Where I Walk 1


Where I Walk 2





My class for the Piecmakers quilt group went quite well and I really appreciate Dianne Thayer setting it all up. I introduced a new project, The Cathedral Window Sampler. The ladies did very well! So, it’s time to get to work on tomorrow’s Twilt!

CW Sampler

April 6, 2009

Svara Opening

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Brooks InstituteOn Saturday I collected my friend Carol and we headed to the Brooks Institute Ventura Campus and the ‘Svara’  Multimedia Documentary Project Presentation of South India.Sybill at Svara

My daughter Sybill is one of the students and spent seven weeks in South India with 19 other students which she cronicles in her Blog. We viewed a film, a print exhibit and vignettes portraying life in India.  It was wonderful. The group created a book and DVD with wonderful pictures and stories of this unique part of the world. Group Svara

 I also got to see my two grandsons and their friends. Kelby is far right and Kyler is in the center in Black. It was fun and informative. The group is selling DVD’s and Books if you are interested.

February 2, 2009

Back From the Brink

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It has been a long time since I had small children and I was surprised at how much work a three year old girl and a one year old boy can be. I just spent the last week babysitting two of my adorable grandchildren, Layna and John, and I have to say, “My brains are fried”. I am in awe of mothers everywhere. This was preceded by a visit from my older daughter, Becky and my grand dogs, Booth and Tempe and their falcons, Anakin and Sister. The Brittany Spaniels inadvertently terrorized my cat, Myke, who never left the closet shelf during their entire visit. It was Chaos, man!! All of this is my explanation for not letting everyone know how Road to California went. Road was FABULOUS but I need one more good nights sleep to recover…..More to come.