Row Classic Windows



  1. Kathi Battles said,

    So….a name suggestion for your zippered bags? How ’bout Zips-a-lot? Or, fitting in with your new Tuesday projects….Zip-Twits? Or….Zip-Easy? Or Twit-Zips!

    TaTa Kathi B

  2. Paula Reid said,

    Hi, Shelley: I’m very impressed with your blog! Hopefully, it will give me the courage to get out the camera, get proficient and dip my toes in the water. What a great job and inspiration to others!

    • Hi Paula, It’s good to hear from you. I think you would be fabulous at blogging, just got to start! Twitter too.

  3. Tami Redmond said,

    As one of the people whom you met at the Henderson NV quilt show, I’m delighted with my purchase of the cathedral window sampler pattern. I was at the show on Saturday. Before I went to bed Saturday night I practiced piecing some blocks to be sure that I could make sure my fingers could “get it.” Now I find myself dreaming in cathedral window designs. Thank you so much for sharing your art. I’m looking foward to reading your blogs on a regular basis.

    • Thank you Tami,
      I really enjoyed Henderson, other than the eight dollars I lost on the penny slots, and the show was really wonderful. I have several Twilts in the que so check back every Tuesday. In the mean time, I hope the weather is nice in Chicago because that’s my next big show.

  4. Sharon Travis said,

    Happy Birthday Shelley!

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