March 31, 2009

I’d Rather be Twilting

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Flutter By

"Flutter By"

The embroidered Butterfly was in my collection as a sample so I finished the embroidery and made it into a tiny little Twilt. So, I have a Twilt on a Twilt. Buttons are used to hold it in place. I added some Butterflies from my Button and Bead collection. The curves that form the Butterfly’s wings are 3D triangles with rolled bias folds.

What a nice way to continue to welcome Spring. Don’t you think?

For more info: Twitter Quilts….Twilts


March 30, 2009

Fun Times and Some Good Stuff

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The Raincross Ladies hard at workJust back from Glendale and my workshop in Riverside. The ladies of Raincross Quilt Guild asked me to do a Lotus Lullaby workshop. We had lots of fun and everyone finished piecing their block.


Raincross QuiltersIt was a big success and I plan to offer the Lotus Lullaby workshop actively in the future. I had to skip Saturday at the Glendale show to do this workshop.



Stuff I bought at GlendaleThe Glendale Quilt Show was wonderful and well attended and I used my free time to scout out some new embellishments for my Twilts. Didn’t I find some yummy stuff? Remember, tomorrow is Twilt Tuesday.

March 26, 2009

A Cathedral Window Quilt in Process

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It’s another beautiful day here. I am off to help The Quilt Attic set up for the Glendale Quilt Show. I will also be squeezing a Workshop in at a local guild. If you happen to be at the show please come by and say Hi!

Myke on Asian Commons UnquiltedIt might seem like I am only working on Twilts these days and that might be partially true, they are addicting. This is a Cathedral Window Quilt that has already been pieced. My assistant, Myke, is holding it down while I baste the top to the batt and back. The next stage will be a grid and the final stage will be the rolling of the bias folds that form all the curves.
Layers of Lavender Class SampleUnlike the traditional method used to make Cathedral Window quilts, in my method the entire top is pieced before any folds are rolled. I will be finishing this quilt in the same manner as the Layers of Lavender Workshop sample.
There will be more to come as I make progress.

March 24, 2009

A Twilt for Good Luck

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I finished up this piece this morning and as I sit here writing this a pair of Redtail Hawks are doing their spring mating dance outside over the trees. It is a beautiful day.

Best Wishes for Good FortuneI have quite a collection of fabrics, Asian designs and Batiks are my favorites but I love all kinds of fabric in general. Within the collection of Asian fabrics I have a number of prints that are miniature in scale and have wanted a project to use them in.  This twilt uses 36 different squares of these prints for the foundation squares. 


 Best Wishes For Good Fortune Single Block

“Best Wishes for Good Fortune” uses a 3″ copy of the block from my pattern Fortune Cookie. Each block uses a black square and four smaller Asian print squares. They are sewn together like a 3D bowtie block creating a black square on point with four bias folded edges. A checked square is laid on top of the black 3D square and the folds are rolled over the raw edges and stitched.

 If you haven’t tried a Twilt yet I invite you to give it a try. I have found the process a very productive way to generate creativity. Check out Jessica’s latest Twilt, Ring of Fire. For more Twilt info check out Twitter Quilts….Twilts.

March 23, 2009

Beginning Cathedral Windows

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Simply Quilts #623 Sample

Simply Quilts #623 Sample

It’s been ten years since I came up with my technique to make a Cathedral Window Quilt by machine. I don’t know where the time has gone. I have traveled and taught for a lot of that time.

The Beginning Workshop is Machine Stitched Cathedral Windows and  Jessica at I’m So Happy just did a wonderful example and she’s never been in one of my classes. Check it out on her Post. She learned the technique from my book and an episode of Simply Quilts that she taped. She did a great job don’t you think?

Here are a couple more samples from the Beginning Cathedral Window Workshop.

Maching Stitched Cathedral Windows Sample 2Machine Stitched Cathedral Windows

March 19, 2009

Celebrating Spring

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Last week I spent a few days on the Central Coast of California with the Santa Maria Valley Quilter’s Guild. After my lecture I did a Parchment & Black Lacquer workshop. It’s one of my most popular workshops. Easter by Barbara WemmerBarbara Wemmer used her Easter fabrics instead of the Asian fabrics. I lived in San Luis Obispo for years and really enjoyed getting together with lots of old friends while making new ones. Easter detail

March 17, 2009

A Twilt for Spring

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Springs ArrivalThe grass is green and the sun is shining. I left my door open yesterday to enjoy the moderate temperature. It made me think of Spring which is just around the corner. So this Twilt welcomes “Spring’s Arrival”.

The flower is a much smaller version of the block from my pattern, Lotus Lullaby.

Lotus Lullaby Pattern

This is what the block looks like before it’s quilted. It uses 3D triangles to form the petal shapes.

Lotus Lullaby Unquilted Block

For more info: Twitter Quilts….Twilts

March 16, 2009

Cathedral Window X & O Stars

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Cathedral Window StarsA couple of my more recent patterns, Cathedral Window Stars and Cathedral Window Hugs and Kisses, use these blocks. They are Ohio Star blocks with X and O centers, they achieve the look of a Cathedral Window block but are not interconnected as the full version of my technique.

Cathedral Window Hugs & KissesThey are a good place to start when trying out the 3D piecing used in my designs.

Opposite colorways also show the different effects that can be obtained with these blocks.


Cathedral Window Stars Table RunnerCathedral Window Hugs & KissesI’m a little behind updating my website so these patterns aren’t there but I have started a pattern page here on the blog. So, check it out.

March 10, 2009

Twilt Tuesday – Fan Dance

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Tuesday’s are going to be Twilt day. It will keep me motivated to make at least one Twilt a week unless someone else makes one and I can use theirs. This week you get both.

Jes from I’m so Happy has made her first Twilt, “Lisa and the Sky of Diamonds” and it’s lovely and has a significant sentiment. Check it out on her Blog. I think she might be starting another too.   

Fan DanceMine is just a simple piece that uses bias curves to create little fans. I created a little foundation paper pieced fan and than basted the folded squares on top so that I would have bias folds to make the curves.

“Fan Dance”

What do you think?

March 9, 2009

Star Puzzle

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Maroon Gold Star PuzzleI just finished up this class sample that uses one of my patterns, Star Puzzle, but I have reversed the contrast. Sometimes its good to see what a pattern will look like using different fabrics.

A 3D square, like the 3D bowtie block is the basis for this design and the first step to a Cathedral Window using my method.

Below is a closeup of what the blocks look like at the quilting stage, after the grid is stitched but before any of the folds have been rolled. The finished version is next to it. Intrigued?  

Star Puzzle Unquilted BlockStar Puzzle

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