March 1, 2009

Twitter Quilts ….. Twilts

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The Reason


When I get home from a trip, am between projects or in any kind of transition I often have creative down time. I realize that I don’t give myself a lot of permission to play. This idea really got me excited because it gives me the opportunity and rewards of creative play in small bursts.


The Concept


I have been exploring the social networking phenomenon partly at my daughter Becky’s encouragement and partly because I believe it’s the direction of the future. Still, it makes my head spin, Blogs, Widgets, Tags, Links, Flickr and Twitter. Where does an aging hippie start? Twitter in particular got my attention. Quick bursts of concise chatter called Tweets exchanged between users. Read about it in Wikipedia. It’s a fascinating concept. I don’t feel ready to jump in just yet but I thought what about using the same concept to do little quilts. Twitter Quilts or Tweet Quilts…….Twilts.


The Rules


The size of the piece can’t be larger than 144 square inches, which is 12” x 12”.

The title should be a quick pithy idea like a Tweet, which is limited to 140 characters.


That’s right, just two rules. I have added two additional rules just for myself. I will try not to take more than a day to do each Twilt and the materials should come from my stash.



I will try to post my Twilts as I create them and welcome everyone to join me. I would love to see what other quilters come up with. I am excited to have the opportunity to play; some of my best ideas, like my method for Cathedral Windows, came from a moment of play.


What do you think of this idea? Want to join me? Here’s my first one. I will be posting a new Twilt every tuesday so check back to see what’s new on Twilt Tuesdays.

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