June 30, 2009

Twist and Twilt

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Twist and TwiltSilk and Linen are the focus for this Tuesday’s Twitter Quilt, “Twist and Twilt”. The ribbons and the twisted blocks are made from silk ribbons and silk fabric that was scrunch painted. The painted fabric was also used for the flower. The blocks are folded and basted to a backing fabric before the top was pieced. After the quilting was finished, I mostly stitched in the ditch, the ribbons were laid out and twisted as I applied them to the Linen block with a running stitch of #8 pearl cotton. Each petal and leaf of the flower was shaped using a candle to burn the edges.Twist and Twilt Detail The shapes were than applied using a running stitch with pearl cotton and embroidery was added to the leaves and flower center.

Credit goes to Yvonne Porcella who introduced me to the techniques through her books. She is a fabulous artist.

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June 23, 2009

Sizzling Summer Twilt Tuesday

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Summer SizzleThe sun batik and the Asian print at the bottom  were laying near each other in my stack of fabric, calling out to be used together. I pondered what to do with them for several days and decided that sometimes the fabric wants to be the star and you don’t want to cut them up. Still they needed some piecing to make them spark. I tracked down the feather and crane prints and then used the flower colors in all the fabric to pull batiks for the multi colored bands.Summer Sizzle Sun

The bands tie all the other pieces together. Add a little black to outline the bands and sections and it was ready to quilt. For the quilting I chose to leave my feed dogs up and use a straight stitch. In addition to background stitching and stitching in the ditch, I outlined the suns in the batik and the bamboo.


Summer Sizzle Bamboo


I think “Summer Sizzle” turned out quite nicely for a simple design.

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June 16, 2009

Tuesday’s Twilt … Wisteria

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WisteriaHaving crashed for a few days after my latest road trip I am refreshed and ready to get to work.

Todays Twilt is “Wisteria”, silk ribbon embroidery on crinkled fabric with machine  stitching and couched  glittery threads. The frame of this piece has Cathedral Window corners. I have some ideas for more complex Cathedral Window corners coming up in future twilts.

Wisteria DetailThe silk ribbon I used is from my collection of ribbons that I painted and dyed a while back. I have really enjoyed revisiting the silk ribbon work that I enjoyed so much in the past. Expect to keep seeing more.

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June 9, 2009

Checking in From the Road

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Strars for Rick by Judy HinesI was up at the Central Coast Shop Tour this weekend and ran into lots of friends and made some new ones. I got to meet a couple of Tweeps (friends from Twitter) even. A student and friend, Judy Hines, brought in a small piece that she made in one of my classes in September of 2005. Its called “Stars for Rick” in memory of her son.  It’s a Cathedral Window with a 9Patch layout. The high contrast used with the frame fabrics makes the nine frames stand out and the grid and scallop finish makes the frames look like stars.Judy Hines and Me Judy has taken lots of classes with me and I was so thrilled to get this picture and show everyone her quilt. Thank you, Judy.

I know it’s Twilt Tuesday and my Twilt isn’t finished since I have been on the road for a week and will be in San Diego for the next couple of days but I will post it on Friday if I can, so check back then.

June 2, 2009

Twilted Trees for Twilt Tuesday

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TreesThe colors in this Twilt are just fabulous. I couldn’t have been happier. They just seem to glow. I plan on making a larger version of this pattern in the future.

I have wanted to try this design for a while and a Twilt is the perfect way to test it. Two different sizes of 3D triangles were used to create  “Trees” . 

Trees DetailI am reminded of the mountains and forests in the late summer or even fall.

The picture below shows what the piece looked like before I rolled the bias folds of the triangles. 3D triangles can be used without rolling the folds because they are already finished bias edges.

I often pause at the construction stage because most of my designs could be used with out the rolling. Still, the curves add another dimension and so I go ahead and roll and stitch.

Unquilted Trees WAs you read this I am on the central coast of California for the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour. I will be demoing my technique at The Quilt Attic after nursing my adult daughter after she has her tonsils removed. Ouch!

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