March 9, 2009

Star Puzzle

Posted in Cathedral Windows, Designs & Patterns tagged , , , at 9:43 AM by Shelley Swanland

Maroon Gold Star PuzzleI just finished up this class sample that uses one of my patterns, Star Puzzle, but I have reversed the contrast. Sometimes its good to see what a pattern will look like using different fabrics.

A 3D square, like the 3D bowtie block is the basis for this design and the first step to a Cathedral Window using my method.

Below is a closeup of what the blocks look like at the quilting stage, after the grid is stitched but before any of the folds have been rolled. The finished version is next to it. Intrigued?  

Star Puzzle Unquilted BlockStar Puzzle



  1. Violette said,

    I just found your blog this morning from the Quilting Gallery website. I love it. Publishing a blog devoted to the cathedral windows block is innovative. I have never seen a blog devoted to any one particular block or technique. I wish that I could make this block. I have tried several times over the years but no such luck.

    • Thanks Violette,
      I always loved Cathedral Windows but didn’t want to do it by hand so I developed a different method. My version is an entirely different technique from the traditional thats uses 3D piecing. Maybe someday you’ll have an opportunity to try mine. Thanks for visiting.

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