March 26, 2009

A Cathedral Window Quilt in Process

Posted in Designs & Patterns tagged , , , , at 7:04 AM by Shelley Swanland

It’s another beautiful day here. I am off to help The Quilt Attic set up for the Glendale Quilt Show. I will also be squeezing a Workshop in at a local guild. If you happen to be at the show please come by and say Hi!

Myke on Asian Commons UnquiltedIt might seem like I am only working on Twilts these days and that might be partially true, they are addicting. This is a Cathedral Window Quilt that has already been pieced. My assistant, Myke, is holding it down while I baste the top to the batt and back. The next stage will be a grid and the final stage will be the rolling of the bias folds that form all the curves.
Layers of Lavender Class SampleUnlike the traditional method used to make Cathedral Window quilts, in my method the entire top is pieced before any folds are rolled. I will be finishing this quilt in the same manner as the Layers of Lavender Workshop sample.
There will be more to come as I make progress.


  1. jessica said,

    Beautiful colors Shelley!

    What a sweet-looking cat!
    She seems pleased with your progress!

    • Hi Jes, Myke is a very sweet old girl, sweeter as she gets older. Good catch that it was a she and not a he. When talking I always have to say Myke with a Y. And yes, I love purple!

  2. ozjane said,

    I do love the folded paws.
    Shows great thought there.
    Mine has just sat on ironing board….reached into space behind her and pulled out an A4 page of photos and watched it flying to the floor.
    So helpful.

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