July 29, 2009

Fun Times at Quilt Festival Long Beach

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Make It University 2009 #1The International Quilt Festival Long Beach was last weekend and I worked at the show doing demos at The Quilt Attic. I saw lots of friends and made some new ones. The quilts were great. The vendors were too. It’s a show definitely worth attending.

Make It University 2009 001We were located right accross from Make It University, sponsored by Quilt Art Magazine. Thats Pokey in the blue shirt.¬†On Saturday night they had a 60’s contest. and the participants had to make something they could wear or carry out of the provided materials. They also had to sing and dance for additional materials and help. I have to admit we were dancing and singing along a little. And did I mention, there were fabulous prizes involved.

Make It University 2009 #3Who says quilter’s can’t party?

I did squeeze in a couple of the classes at Make It University. I’ll have more about that in my next post.