September 10, 2009

The Bluff Fire

Posted in Misc tagged at 3:54 PM by Shelley Swanland

Bluff Fire 001 9 09This morning as I sipped my coffee and typed away on my latest project I started to hear the sound of sirens. As the sound got closer and the sirens more numerous I paused and waited. I live on a main street that cuts through town and leads to the hills behind the neighborhood where I live. Quite a few fire trucks rushed by including City of Banning and CDF vehicles. Bluff Fire 005 9 09As the minutes passed trucks from nearby cities also rushed by. I couldn’t see any smoke, so I gave in, grabbed my camera and heading off on foot to see what was up. Bluff Fire 002 9 09







Up the road, past the cemetary and on out past the homes we had a brush fire in the Mias Canyon. The ground crews were out of my view but the Fire Fighting planes and helicopters were doing an awesome job and I snapped a few pictures. I think they have this one under control but I am sending out my biggest hopes and wishes that our fire fighters stay safe and I hope everyone makes it though the fire season safe and sound!

Bluff Fire 006 9 09