April 2, 2010

Cathedral Window Sampler

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I have been working a few shows lately and sold a few of my pattern, “Cathedral Window Sampler”. It’s available for $9.25 plus $1.25 postage in the US. Email me if you’re interested in purchasing one. Click on the pictures to see high res versions of the Sampler and the Tradition variation on Flickr. I promised I would post some info on how to finish the Sampler so that it looks Traditional.  It won’t make much sense if you haven’t bought the pattern but for those who have, here goes:

In the sample at the right I used red for the background and beige prints for Fabric A and Fabric B. I chose an additional floral print for the window panes. Cut 6 squares 2″ each and 8 squares 2 1/2 ” each. Cut the 2 1/2″ squares in half diagonally.

Before you assemble the top, baste a floral triangle on top of each of the 3D triangles lining up the raw edges and centering the points.

Assemble the top. You will have floppy triangles on top of each 3D triangle. When you baste the quilt, center a 2″ floral square on top of each 3D square.

When quilting eliminate the grid and just roll the bias folds over the raw edges and stitch them down by machine. Remeber to just stitch to the point where the folds meet, take one stitch across and then continue. It isn’t necessary to stitch the points.

I will be at the Quilts Inc. show in Chicago so if you’re there please come by and say Hi! I will be in Monica’s Quilt & Bead booth. Thanks to all you who have been so supportive!!