November 17, 2009

In the Pink

Posted in Twitter Quilts...Twilts tagged , , , , , at 8:13 PM by Shelley Swanland

Quilting threads and built in decorative stitches were the focus of my experimentation that ended up as this Tuesday’s Twilt, “In the Pink”. I chose an interesting batik that was mostly black but had some cool striations going on. I also liked the square spirals in the print. The piece was first grid quilted with a black and gray verigated thread in 1 1/2″ intervals. I played with some scrap fabrics at first and then started stitching rows of square spirals, hearts and stipple using several colors of verigated quilting thread, King Tut from Superior Thread. A couple of rows have torn silk-metallic organdy fabric underneath the stitching and I frayed the sides outside the stitches. I also used organdy ribbon under a couple of rows. I chose stitches I thought would compliment the batik. I just tried to have fun. A Dragonfly button and square spiral and heart paper clips embellish and compliment the stitches and background design. I could see this technique used for Table Runners and Christmas gifts. It has a lot of possibilities.

For more info on the Twilts: Twitter quilts…….Twilts or see all my Twilts : Flickr Twilts Page.


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