August 17, 2010

A Basket of Silk Flowers

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It’s hot and muggy here in So Cal and I am looking forward to Spring. I found this block in my UFO pile. These flowers won’t wilt in this heat. I thought it would make a wonderful Twilt, “A Basket of Silk Flowers”.

I used a handkerchief for the basket and lots of silk ribbon with pearl cotton for the roses, fuchsias, iris and other flowers. I hand dyed the varigated silk ribbon in the roses and iris.

I think the border fabric might be from the 80’s. Does that date me?


For more info on the Twilts: Twitter quilts…….Twilts or see all my Twilts : Flickr Twilts Page.



  1. EC said,

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Your twilts are very inspiring and I’m glad to see some new ones up. In fact I like them so much that I have ordered both your books. Best wishes!

  2. Carol Holmes said,

    Hi, I love your basket of flowers, it’s so ‘retro’. Ribbon embroidery has always fascinated me. Beautiful.

  3. Shasta said,

    It is a cute quilt. The border goes beautifully with it.

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