March 3, 2009

Twilt Tuesday

Posted in Twitter Quilts...Twilts tagged , , , at 10:07 AM by Shelley Swanland

Looking for a Lucky Charm

I’m finding the Twilt process very intriguing. I get the opportunity to go through all my stuff and play with bits and pieces.

Here’s my latest piece. There’s not a bit of Cathedral Windows in sight. I did enjoy going through my buttons and charms though.

“Looking for a Lucky Charm”



  1. jessicasews said,

    Both of your “Twilts” are wonderful!
    I’m just finishing a quilt-top and then I plan
    on starting a Twilt!!
    How Fun!
    ~ Jes

  2. Thanks Jes,
    I think they might be like candy, a little hard to resist. I would love to see yours when you make it.

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